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Top 5 Reasons for Joining
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We value your time. We know that each day spent out of your base is valuable. It is for this reason that we take extra care in coming out with the Supplier’s List. We ensure that both buyers and sellers will mutually benefit from the encounter. Our suppliers are comprised of top-level decision makers from the major wineries, spirits and water factories. The companies are represented by the owners themselves and senior executives in charge of exports and Asian market development.
Global Representation of Suppliers
Our hand-picked suppliers would come, not just from the traditional production powerhouse Europe. We have widened our scope to include suppliers from the United States and Australia. In response to feedback from the market, we would also be honoured by the presence of suppliers from Japan.
Latest product, industry and technological trends in the industry
We have meticulously selected our seminar speakers to guarantee that they bring invaluable knowledge, depth of experience and expertise in their particular fields. Our speakers for the wine, spirits and water industry are world-renowned, and universally recognized as experts in their respective fields. We would also be bringing in industry-recognized figures in the field of technological impact in the industry. To differentiate our seminar sessions from the traditional model, we have designed the sessions to be interactive and dynamic to encourage the free flow and exchange of ideas.
Networking Opportunities
The event programme is designed to provide ample opportunities to network, not just with suppliers and distributors but also with your colleagues in the industry. The lunch, dinner, breaks and entertainment formats are designed in such a way that all delegates meet each and every participant during the 3 nights, 4-days event.
The connections you have forged do not end when you pack your bags and say “Au Revoir” to Kuala Lumpur. It is simply the beginning. As a Buyer delegate of iHORECA Live, you also become a Buyer-Member of ihoreca.asia, a platform and site dedicated to decision makers and influencers in the hospitality and F & B region. As a member, you could continue to build on the connections you have made and widen your exposure to other top decision makers in the platform who are not in the event. The iHORECA Asia site and app would also allow you to continuously receive product, industry and technology updates when and where it is most convenient for you.
After-event Follow Up
For more information, please email us at contact@ihoreca.live
Unrivaled Return on your Time