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Delegates List
The event will be held at at a luxurious, 5-star hotel in Kuala Singapore. The venue will house all the buyers and sellers in one roof. Special attention will be given to comfort, ease of travel and access to city facilities.
The event will be held on October 2022. The exact dates will be announced at a later date.
For reasons of privacy, the delegates list will be provided only via email or password-protected platform. The list will be provided to you months before the event in order to pre-arrange the meetings.
Participation fee
Participation is complimentary for buyers. The event will provide for the 4 days, 3-nights accomodations, meals, entertainment and other event-related activities. Only the flight will be at the expense of the attendee. For suppliers, please email us at herve.drouin@ihoreca.live
For more information, please email us at contact@ihoreca.live
Mechanics: How it Works
The meetings between the buyers and suppliers are pre-arranged. Once we have finalized the attendees’ list, we will give you access to an online wishlist and meetings platform wherein you can specifiy the party that you wish to have a meeting with. After we have received your requests for meetings, we will create your 1 to 1 meetings schedules for the event. The Suppliers will be provided with their own presentation table where they can place their products, samples, brochures and other presentation materials. The buyers will visit the suppliers based on the pre-arranged meeting schedule. The event is designed to allow sixteeen (16) 25-minute meetings with 5 minute breaks in between meetings. All details about the buyer and supplier and provided a few weeks before the online meeting wishlist registration.
For more information, please email us at contact@ihoreca.live
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